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Personal publicity
Conference organisation with F&T
Press conferences with F&T Events
Brand design
Brand identity elements design
Black tie receptions with F&T Events
Brand identity elements development
Corporate Boot Camp with F&T
Media creation
Fit&Treat cooking book design
Team building with F&T Events
Social Media Management
Corporate yoga classes with F&T
Corporate golf with F&T Events
Group Bonding/Team Building sessions
Hiking with F&T Events
Outdoor parties with F&T
Creme de la Creme events with F&T
Trade show participation with F&T
Corporate cooking classes with F&T
Workshops with F&T Events
Active team building with F&T
Sport tours with F&T Events
Group adventures with F&T Events
Skiing tourism with F&T Event
Black tie events with F&T Events
Post-M&A team building
Yachting tourism
Extreme sport tours
Corporate aerobics classes
Mindfulness retreats
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