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Celebrate life with F&T Events 

“Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated”


Creme de la Creme Parties

We love parties. We love to create that very particular feeling that you get when you see happy, laughing faces, catch a whiff of the tang of firework smoke, feel the rhythm and beat of the music, and savour the taste of your favourite champagne. We love creating the perfect atmosphere for special occasions. But we love parties with the right 'aftertaste' when the music ends even more. Trust us to create a day or night that will evoke warm feelings and great memories for long after the music stops.

“The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate”

Opra Winfrey

Our experience of black, and white, tie events stretches back years. We have attended the finest of events across the globe and learned 'Creme-de-la-Creme' from very best. We are meticulously attentive to detail, highly creative in our ideas, and flawless in their execution. Thanks to our passionate approach and broad range of skills, everything is possible. We work with first-class venues, top suppliers, and the best performers. In short, we can bring your dreams to life. 

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