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We are all about happiness and wellbeing

F&T Event Management is a London-based event organizer, a daughter company of Fit&Treat Wellbeing-Management and a sister of LimitlessPsyche (applied neuroscience, biochemistry, social, cognitive, and behavioural psychology training company). 



Our team has a great deal of experience and expertise in event planning and organizing, public and private communications, and interactions, as well as in Psychology, Applied Neuroscience, Social, Developmental, Cognitive, and Behavioural Physiology, Biofeedback, Fitness, Nutrition, and alternative ancient practices explained by contemporary science. We believe in a holistic living and we do practice what we preach. We are passionate about event organizing and storytelling, with considerable experience and joy in both. We love researching, learning, designing and sharing. 


F&T also stands for Fabulous Time representing a part of our mission: to pass our accumulated social, business, and scientific knowledge to healthy open-minded people and companies in the playful and empowering form of workshops and training. 


At F&T, we share a simple but powerful vision; to continually work towards making people and companies healthier and happier, therefore. 


Our focus is on the active part of human life with our B2B services reflecting our conviction that a healthy corporate culture and being a part of a healthy and happy team are intrinsic to an overall balanced life for human beings.




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